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TalkingBB.com is a support forum run by Banners Broker Affiliates for Banners Broker Affiliates.

Banners Broker is a new approach to online advertising. It is our intent to increase your sales revenue while promoting your brand. What sets us apart from other banner impression sites is our initiative to sell on your behalf - you get paid for your impressions, while maintaining full control over the monetization of your campaign. Register today and receive 1000 FREE banner impressions. It's our way of welcoming you to the team.


TalkingBB.com is a forum run by Bannersbroker Affiliates for Bannersbroker Affiliates

TBB has one function.

That is to help Bannersbroker and Bannersmobile Affiliates to grow a successful business.

As Chris Smith himself has acknowledged there are challenges at present and ahead. We all know some of the challenges presented over the past 18 months have been caused by rumour and supposition.

TBB and it's Staff work hard to provide members with up to date, verified information and to weed out rumours and spurious postings.  TBB would ask that you do not repost any material from TBB outside of TBB. Doing so will result in your TBB account being removed. All verified TBB members have access to all the information on the forum boards. If you want others to have our information, please make sure they register an account.

TBB and it's Staff know that TBB is the best forum for Bannersbroker discussion and confirmed information. We do not claim it is the only one and we want all members to be able to speak as they wish. To that end the above posting conditions are as clear and simple as we can make them. If they do not meet your requirments TBB is not the place for you. 

Information provided on TBB is verified and as accurate as we can acheive. All BB Affiliates must always use personal judgement and official Bannersbroker dashboard information before acting on advice/information from any source.

Please register your account now. Account activation is 24hr max and you will get instant access to our verification area.