Bannersbroker update

These links are in relation to the ongoing investigations to Banners Broker.




21/10/2014: I have responded to this with all the information requested

30/10/2014: DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. IT IS FAKE !!!

Until such time as there is an outcome from the legal and criminal actions relating to Bannersbroker the forum has no function in supporting it's members BB accounts. The forum section is now closed until further notice. All relevant information and document links will continue to be placed on the public home page (the one you are reading now) as it is made available. 

The forum is still functional and all data is preserved (present and historical)..............If, as a TBB member, you can see a different role the forum can provide please use the contact link at the page bottom to let me know your idea.

The forum Staff would like to thank members for their support over the past three years.